PAX East Recap Part One!

What’s up guys? I hope you’ve all been well and all that good stuff. I myself have been dealing with the “PAX Pox” all week. Despite bringing hand sanitizer with me everywhere I went, showering and cleaning up every day, I couldn’t avoid it. It’s frustrating, but I hope to be over it by Monday. I’d like to go to the gym again.

The show itself was amazing. Honestly I have a better time each year I go. Even though I didn’t see many games – whether that be due to lines or disinterest – the games I did see and the experiences I had more than make up for it.

The path to Boston is a long one for me. I live in Virginia for those who don’t know and Boston is a ten hour train ride away. Usually I feel every hour as it passes by, but with my trusty 3DS and some anti-motion sickness pills I was able to waste the hours away by playing or sleeping.

After finally finding my way to my hotel, I discovered that friend (and former blogger) Britt5091 was over at the Black Rose Pub, not more than five minutes away from my hotel! It was great seeing her again, it had been two years since we’d last met up. Good times were had that night, bar hopped around Boston until I looked at my bank account and discovered that more money was missing from it than should be. Turns out I forgot that the hotel takes out incidentals in advance (lol). My bad.

Friday was a day of one panel, one booth. I wanted to go to the Capcom panel to see if they were announcing anything cool. While Ducktales is neat, I never played the original so I wasn’t freaking out at the announcement. So in the end I felt like my time had been wasted. At least as I waiting on line my 3DS StreetPass wouldn’t leave me alone. I think I completed at least ten puzzles over the course of the trip.

With nothing else to do but explore the expo hall, I decided to find the Deep Silver/Square Enix booth. The one and only Ryan Clements was there and obviously I needed to say hello. They were showing a small presentation for Saints Row IV. The line wasn’t long so I hopped on and watched that. If you guys saw it, you know how awesome those superpowers look and that alone makes me want to buy the game. I would adore a Superman game with those kind of mechanics.

After the show I got my picture with Clements and delivered him a message from a mutual friend. What a fun guy he is.

From there I wandered around until I stumbled upon the Kingston booth. Kingston is a hardware company that makes things like RAM and hard drives and other assorted PC parts. They also sponsor team EG, who has both a professional StarCraft 2 team and a professional fighting game team. They were having a play-the-pros thing at their booth. So I pretty much spent the rest of the day playing Street Fighter X Tekken and StarCraft 2 with people like Justin Wong, Stephano, Idra, Ricky Ortiz, etc etc. I lost every match without fail, but it was so much fun.

And so ends day one! I don’t want to bore you guys by making these posts extremely long so I’ll post about days two and three tomorrow!


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