Aaaaand we’re back. With Sunday being Easter and Monday April Fool’s Day I thought it best to avoid the internet for a few days (aside from playing some games of course). Anyways it’s time to get back to the PAX East recap. Not much happened on day 3, so I’m going to do my best to wrap up the entire trip in this one post. Here goes nothing!

Day Two was both a great and tough day. Tough only because I didn’t eat except once the entire day. That’s what happens when you’re too focused on what’s going on around you and not on the growling in your stomach. It was only before the IGN party that I figured I should eat. After all, I was going to be drinking a lot.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The beginning of the day started off with some more StarCraft 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken play. Again, I never won, but it was still really fun.

The next thing I did was try to find the Transistor booth, which unfortunately was still packed as hell. Alas, I was never able to play the game. Fortunately right next to it was the DiveKick booth.

For those unfamiliar with DiveKick, it started out a big ol’ joke. It was made to make fun of the fight game community, using only characters who can perform dive kicks. Oh and it only uses two buttons. One for dive, and the other for kick. From there it grew in popularity and was picked up by Iron Galaxy Studios. They had a booth at the show floor and were showing off the game. It runs on a first to five round counter, with each rounds being only twenty seconds wrong. It’s super stressful and really fun at the same time. It’s something that would be perfect for parties and for people who have no idea how to play fighting games (or just love to button mash).

At the booth they had a section set up where you could play a FGC pro and win a poster. The pro this time around was CEO Jebailey, who runs a really cool fighting game tournament. As I waited in line, I watched Jebailey destroy people 5-0. He slayed five people “perfectly” before I got up to him. I’d never played before and I was ready to lose. And if you lose, you get a “FRAUD” stamp on your hand. That was the one thing I didn’t want to happen.

Thankfully it didn’t. In fact, I won. Yes. I beat the “pro” and got myself a poster ($5 value). BOOYA. Of course the next couple for pros I faced (NerdJosh and Mike “Maximum Human” Ross) destroyed me. So either I got lucky or Jebailey is a scrub.

NerdJosh is on the left, and Keats (the developer of the game) is on the right.

Either way I did happen to get some cool footage of Jebailey playing Mike Ross in a best of 3 match. These guys are good friends who love to poke fun at each other so it wound up being a really fun match.

Despite my losses I was pretty addicted to the game. So much so that I spent the rest of the day playing the game. So much fun. Oh and SPOILERS! I did the same thing on Sunday.

Once 4:45 PM rolled around I realized that the IGN party started soon. I booked it down the Congress Street, running so that I could keep warm in the 30 degree weather. Long story short, I found some dinner and then got into the party with Britt and Jayson.

And BOY WAS IT PACKED. Like, so packed that if there was a fire we’d all be dead. Thankfully after about an hour it thinned out and you could move pretty easily from one end to the other.

The party was amazing. Greg, Mitch, Daemon, and Casey from IGN were all there. The Capy and Double Fine guys were there as well. I also met up with the Shovel Knight team who were really cool and fun to drink/talk with. All good drinks were had along with a great time. After hanging out for about five and a half hours my feet were on fire. It was time to go. As I learned the next day, both Greg and Daemon felt the same.

And that was Saturday! If you guys are curious about Sunday, all you need to know is that I played more DiveKick. I also went to the IGN Game Scoop panel, which you can check out on the site.



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