Saving Money With My Backlog

Since I got back from PAX I’ve been trying to save up money. Whether it be for a car, or to attend PAX Prime this August. To do that, I need to not spend as much money as possible. That means only buying video games I REALLY want, making lunch from home, etc.

It also means going through my backlog and finishing everything I’ve got. That way, I’ll spend my time playing those games and reading those books instead of going out and buying new things. At least that’s the thought so far. Hopefully it continues to hold up.

So far my backlog has been moving very slowly. Most of the games I’ve been playing through were left alone for a reason. One of those games is RAGE. Anyone remember it? It was made by id in 2011 and was supposed to be all about vehicles and stuff like that. Unfortunately the game feels like it was made back in 2005 right after Half-Life 2 came out. Sure it looks great, but that’s about all it has going for it. It’s slow and terribly paced so far. The engine is terribly optimized as well. Everything has this weird texture blurriness when I immediately look at it, then it renders out the higher texture. It’s ugly and makes my framerate chug (as a result of that, I’ve dropped down the graphics and that seems to have fixed the problem for now).

My hope is that the rest of my backlog will be easier than this. That said, I tried out The Binding of Isaac last night and damn is it tough! Really rewarding, but exceptionally difficult. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less from the guys who made Super Meat Boy.

As for reading, I’ve gotten back into reading the Dark Tower series. Last year I’d read through the first four books, but hit a snag on book five. I’m determined to get through the rest of it. Thankfully I wasn’t too far into book 5 already so I haven’t had much to catch up on. That said, the book is a little over 900 pages long… And the books only get longer. So that’ll be fun. But I’ve heard they’re worth it so I’m not worried.

What about you guys? Are you up to anything fun?


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  1. Just read your post, sounds like a plan! One of these years I’ll get into Dark Tower. As for video games, I’ve been meaning to play “Pokemon Collusium” on the Gamecube. Best of luck with your endeavors!

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