Reflections: First GMU Semester

Yesterday marked my last day at GMU until fall. This was my first semester at what I would consider a “real college”. I’d served three years at NVCC and that was a disaster of epic proportions. NVCC (especially the Manassas campus) is a poorly run dump. I was more than ready for a change.

Thankfully GMU provided that. With one notable exception, registering for Mason went smoothly. Sure, I only got accepted a week before classes began, but that was more my fault than Mason’s. The only problem I had was buying book, which apparently you can’t do with financial aide. Kind of defeats the purpose no? Especially when books can cost upwards of $400.

Mason is equivalent to a small city. There’s even a hotel on the premises. It never seemed to end and during the five months that I attended, I only entered a total of five, maybe six buildings. It’s crazy how little you get to see unless you purposely go looking for it.

I only took three classes this semester, Korean 110, English 367, and Religion 212. For the most part, they were all uneventful and that was fine. They were never meant to be the best part of the experience. That said, Korean was a blast and meeting all the people I did there was awesome.

Obviously hanging out with friends was more or less the better part of the “GMU Experience”. Most of my friends had graduated to Mason while I was still stuck at NOVA so there were a few semesters where I was totally alone. It was a nice change of page to see people I knew again.

As for the future, who knows where things will go? I hope to taking slightly more classes than I did before. Maybe minor in the film and media program. Should be fun, no?



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