Review: Gunpoint


Gunpoint is a pixel-art PC stealth game developed by Suspicious Developments. What you’ll find here is one of the funniest and most charming games you can buy for $10 and under.

You play as Richard Conway, a spy for hire. He’s one with a quick wit and a blog to write. The story is given to you over text messages between Richard and people who hire him. You control what Conway says, usually choosing between three equally fun and sarcastic answers. The rest of the cast is also written in the same dry humor.

At its core though, Gunpoint is a stealth game. Complete the missions as fast as possible, with as little violence as possible, with no one seeing you, and quietly, and you get the most money. You can use the money for more upgrades and make future missions easier on yourself.

Sounds complicated, no? Funny thing is, Gunpoint is quite the opposite. While some of the later levels may look like a lot to take in, there’s a grand simplicity to Gunpoint. All you have to do get from point A to B without getting killed. And most of the time, that happens instantly.

The game as a wonderful sense of humor about itself. I don’t want to spoil anything about it, but when you take down your first guard don’t just punch him once. And maybe kick down more than one door when you get the chance.

Gunpoint doesn’t run extremely long. Maybe three to four hours at most. Even if you get stuck it doesn’t take all that long to find the solution. Most of the levels are a breeze, which is good because then it gets you back into the story, reading some of the most sarcastic lines you’ve ever seen. It’s wonderful.



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