RIP Ryan Davis

Sad news today. Ryan Davis from Giant Bomb has passed away. He was 34. You can see the official post on Giant Bomb’s website here:

It’s crazy because I’d just met the guy at PAX East. He was awesome and seemed genuinely  to meet me. Worst of all, he’d literally gotten married about a week ago.

I’m not too sure what happened but it just goes to show that no matter what, people can just up and disappear. It’s a scary and sobering realization.

I may not have known him personally, but as with all personalities you spend time watching/listening/meeting there’s a bit of attachment that goes with the fandom. I can honestly say that I’m sad to hear he’s gone. He was a very funny guy and always had something interesting to say. His opinions were ones to respect, that’s for sure.

He will be missed.


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