Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD

Monday was the beginning of the new fall television season. As the next few weeks go on we’ll be seeing loads of new shows premiere. Today the biggest premiere was Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD.


If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel and their cinematic universe, you know that Agent Coulson died in the Avengers. Despite that, here he is, front and center. There’s no true explanation as to why or how that is so far. It look like a mystery that will play out over the course of the season (at least).

There are a myriad amount of Marvel Universe connections in this show. The main McGuffin of the episode in fact is the Extremis virus from Iron Man 3. If you listen and look closely there are a lot more to be found. I can only assume there will be more as time goes on.

As for the main cast of characters, it’s hard to judge. We’ve only seen a pilot thus far, which means everyone is still relatively uncomfortable in their roles. They set up enough back story for most of the characters that there’s plenty to exploit as the show goes on. They even hinted at a potential love line. I just wish that Ftiz and Simmons were given a bit more to do than make Harry Potter jokes.

The show’s tone is definitely Whedon-esque, though it airs a little bit too much on the campy side of things for my taste. The scene at the very end where the “villain” of the episode talks to Coulson about where normal humans stand compared to the Thors and Iron Mans of the world was one of the better scenes and more in line with the tone I would like to see more often.

There’s definitely potential here. The characters flow… nicely so far. And as time goes on that will only improve (hopefully). There’s a lot to be mined from the secondary characters of the Marvel Universe. How much we see depends on Marvel itself of course, but there’s hope since Whedon is the big man on top right now. SHIELD is definitely worth a try.


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