The Journey Continues: Pokemon X

Saturday was a big day for Pokemon fans. The first 3DS native Pokemon game was released! Titled X & Y respectively, the two games brought Pokemon into a new era, and boy are things different. The artwork is different, there are some new systems, and of course there are a bunch of new Pokemon to play with.

I’ve been playing nearly nonstop since Saturday. I haven’t been this obsessed with a Pokemon game since Sapphire came out on the Game Boy Advance. It’s been a lot of fun to jump back into things and explore the new game. Everything is new and exciting, especially since I’ve been gone for so long.

The internet features are awesome. It helps knowing that to battle and trade all you need to do is click a button on the touch pad instead of making your way all the back to a Pokemon Center. The passerby feature is pretty neat too. You’re never actually alone when you’re connected to the internet. You see people from all over the world. For me, I’ve seen people primarily from Japan and South Korea. Pretty cool, no?

The new Pokemon are pretty cool, but let’s be honest here. Nothing beats the original bunch. Thankfully it seems that Nintendo realized that and gave you the ability to get an additional starter, one from the very first bunch of games. That made me way too excited. I still remember the days when I was six years old, playing the original Pokemon Red on my Game Boy Pocket.

Pokemon is that one franchise that reminds me of my childhood. I get all nostalgic when I see the cartoons, or the cards (of which I have a huge bucket), and of course where it all started, the games. It’s to Game Freak’s credit that these games are still just as fun to play now as they were when I was a kid.

If you guys wanna friend me on the 3DS my friend code is: 3668-7897-3762. I hope to see you out there!


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