NaNoWriMo Update номер три: Crossing 30,000 Words

Well that went easier than expected. In three days or so I managed to pump out another 10,000 words! At this rate I’ll be done in no time!

I don’t really have any tips to give this time, except one. Don’t be worried about the quality of your first draft. First drafts are supposed to be horrendously bad. Garbage even. That’s okay. You’re basically writing the skeleton for your book. You may see things that need to be fixed or write an entire passage that makes you gag as you write it.

That’s OKAY. You will go back and take care of all that stuff in the second draft. The same goes for research. My novel has some historic events in them and I’m not too worried about the accuracy of those events just yet. Again, that’s all stuff I’ll take care in the second draft.

So happy writings! There’ll be another post soon I hope!

Also, for anyone who has played Final Fantasy XII, what was your opinion of it? I dropped awhile back and I feel like I didn’t give it a fair shake. Let me know!


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