That Empty Feeling

You have ever a dream where you’re with someone you don’t know, yet feel like connected to them? In the dream you and this person are friends, maybe even in a relationship. You know them and they know you. It all makes sense in your head. Then you wake up and it’s gone. Strangely, you feel a empty inside. There’s a hollow feeling in your brain. It’s like you’re remembering a friend you once had, or a previous girl/boyfriend you’re no longer with. Despite them no longer being in your life (or never have been in this case) you still long for them.

The brain will always be an object of infinite fascination for the human population. But nothing amazes me more than its ability to make you feel like something is completely real. When you dream you can truly do anything. I’ve flown like Superman and bent metal like Magneto. I’ve traveled in space ships and fought Sith as a Jedi Knight. In the moment all of these things feel like they’re happening, like I’m living them. I feel the wind as fly, or the heat of a lightsaber. It’s amazing. Even crazier is the brain’s ability to replicate emotions in dreams. One of the happiest feelings I can remember is a dream I had where I found out that a “friend” had survived her operation. I didn’t know this person outside of my dream, but that didn’t stop me from feeling incredibly happy at seeing her.

Then when I wake up my mind looks back upon it as a fond memory. I know truthfully that none of this happened, but my brain keeps trying to tell me otherwise. Sometimes I don’t remember dreams as well as I’d like. Others stick with me for days on end. Those in particular I’ll write down as they will no doubt serve as creative inspiration in the future. It’s insane what our minds can create when we don’t have any control over it. Perhaps it’s because it’s been freed from the constraints of our morals or inhibitions. It’s free to do and create whatever it wants.

Or maybe – just maybe – we’re peaking in an alternate universe?

Hey, a man can dream right?


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