It’s Been a Month!

Oh yeah! This blog exists! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here, not due to lack of trying though. It’s been a busy month, so that’s what I’m going to talk about for now. I do have some other posts in mind, but first let’s play a little catch up.

January was my sixth month anniversary with my girlfriend. It was pretty amazing. We went out to the Melting Pot, which is a fantastic fondue restaurant. If you’ve never been there I would highly recommend it.

After that there was snow and lots of it! I’m pretty sure that the public schools in the entire state got off for about a week and a half, basically doubling their winter break. It was ridiculous. I can enjoy the snow here and there, basically for about a day (maybe two) at a time. I hate the cold. I really don’t like being in it and it tanks my mood like you would not believe. So for the past month plus I’ve been somewhat miserable. I can’t wait for the warmer seasons to kick in.

School also began! That exclamation mark is sarcasm in case you didn’t notice. But yeah… classes have begun. I have four classes. All of which are English related in someway. So far they’re pretty easy, with the exception of my creative writing course. That’s only because we’re in the middle of our poetry section thus far.

I don’t think I could express how little I care about poetry. I don’t like it, I’m pretty terrible at poetry, and finally: I don’t want to get better at it. I’ve already had to write two poems for the class and they’re rather embarrassing. Alas, we’ll have to read them in class and pretend like we care about them. Most of the class isn’t enjoying the poetry section either, evident by the fact that any time my teacher asks who is excited for the upcoming workshops, no one raises their hands.

Anyways, at least my screenwriting is fun. The other two classes are pretty plain, which is nice. And my teachers aren’t terrible either which is a blessing, considering last semester two of the three teachers I had were awful.

Moving on, I saw the LEGO movie last Friday. Let me tell you something, this is a movie you HAVE to see. It blew me away with how good it was. It’s good on like a Toy Story level. I was very surprised and would recommend it to anyone who has a heart.

Other than all that there hasn’t been much going on. I’m trying to do a second draft on my novel so that I can try and publish it sometime this year (fingers crossed!). Maybe I’ll develop a small game or something too. I would really love to start working in Unity and putting out some iOS games. We’ll see if that ever happens though.

Anyways, it’s off for more DOTA 2! Next post will hopefully have more of a topic and something interesting to say.


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