Hooray for being sick… not. I’ve been saddled with a nasty virus for the past four days. In that time though I watched a ton of TV and a few movies.

I saw Ender’s Game, which I wouldn’t recommend unless you could get it for cheap. Harrison Ford is awesome but he’s about it. The ending doesn’t make a lot of sense either. I’m sure in the book it makes perfect sense, but the movie is missing a lot and even as someone who hasn’t read the book that’s pretty obvious.

I watched Castle in the Sky, an amazing Hayao Miyazaki film. I’d never seen it before and it was totally awesome. Mark Hamill as the English VA was pretty cool too. The music is phenomenal as always as well.

Lastly, I saw Captain America 2, again. I’d seen it the weekend it came out, but I also went again this weekend with my girlfriend. It’s even better the second time. The music and the action are so good together. It definitely doesn’t feel as long as it really is. It’s still very easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement.

Moving on though, are you ready for your daily dose of insanity? Check out this ten minute segment on Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s next big game for the 3DS. It’s absolutely insane and for some reason I cannot wait to play it. I’m totally going to buy this when it comes out and I encourage you all to do the same!

Lately I’ve been thinking about buying that new Vita model with Borderlands 2. What do you guys think? Would it be worth it?

HOW ABOUT CIV: BEYOND EARTH!? Very excited for this as well as I’m a huge Civilization fan. The idea of heading into space and colonizing other worlds, new tech trees, and differing units all sound amazing. The end of the year can’t come soon enough now!

Aaaaaaaand Transistor got a release date! It’s the end of May if I’m remembering correctly (May 20?). I loved Bastion so I’m certainly looking forward to this game as well.


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