Makin’ Some Food

Today was my girlfriend’s last day in town before she left to go back to school. Because of that, I decided to cook her dinner. In the past year we’ve been together I’ve only done it one other time and it was hamburgers. Not really all that impressive right? So my goal was to do something slightly more complicated. What did I decide to do? Pizza! And not only did I decide to make pizza, I decided to go deep dish with it. I also made a side of fries with it too, because we’re both big french fry fans.


Here’s the dough. Yup, I made it myself. This was easily the most terrifying part of the process. I thought I would mess it up for sure. It’s simple to make but if it doesn’t rise then you’re seriously screwed. Thankfully it did. It might look small but it’s about twice the size than it was before.


The pizza she decided she wanted was bacon chicken ranch. So here we’ve got the chicken and bacon cooking up. Yay for multitasking!


Who doesn’t love more pictures of bacon being cooked?


Finally got the dough in the pan. I used a 9-inch cake pan for the pizza and it worked out surprisingly well. My only fear was that the dough wouldn’t reach the edges. Turns out it didn’t need to.


Here it is before it goes in the oven! I took this picture in case it come out as a disaster. At least then I could prove I thought everything would turn out okay.


The side of fries. Covered in two cheeses and bacon, then baked in a cast iron skillet. SO GOOD! Ate them right out of the pan.


And finally here’s the pizza itself! It turned out perfectly. Much better than I anticipated. The crust was pretty good too. Overall a pretty good experience. I’d definitely recommend trying to make your own deep dish pizza. So good and so much fun.


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