Radstone Hearthing: The Beginning of a New Age

I meant to write about this when it actually happened, but time has gotten away from me. Now that the holidays are near things are both ramping up… and settling down.

A few weeks ago – maybe two at this point – my friends and I got together to hold a tournament for one of our favorite games: Blizzard’s Hearthstone (it has a longer name, but who cares, let’s be honest). Never have I seen a game that so many of my friends all play. Even when it came to games like TF 2 we hit a max of six people. Here, there were at least ten, and in the tournament we had a total of sixteen people.

Our ultimate goal was to live stream it on twitch, but like any live event, there were complications. On of our tournament machines bluescreened about four times throughout the night and OBS really didn’t want to work with us. But hey, by the time we do this again, Hearthstone will have a spectator mode and 90% of our problems won’t exist anymore.

We even had a prize pool! Everyone contributed at least $5 to the pot and in the end we had $100. So we decided to split it by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. It was awesome and the money made every competitive enough to still have fun.

In the end, I took third place ($20). I lost to my friend Micah who went on to take second place ($30). He lost to someone we didn’t know (people were allowed to invite their friends, hence how we got sixteen people). But even so, we ran REALLY long. By the time we started it was 5pm and we ended around 1am. Next time we’ll definitely have things streamlined to make time go by faster.

Overall though it was an awesome experience. Everyone seemed like they had a good time. Hopefully it’ll be a monthly thing? December is when the new Gnomes and Goblins expansion hits so everyone will have a ton of fun dicking around with the new cards. Should make for a fun tournament.


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