Fun With Hearthstone: Future Classes (Death Knight)

So last night I participated in small, very local Hearthstone tournament. It was fun, but more importantly it got me thinking about the design of the game. In my opinion, the game can only survive for so long with new cards. It might be a very long time, but at some point Blizzard could really mix it up with a new class. Such a new addition would really change up the meta game of Hearthstone and add tons of new mechanics and cards.

This isn’t necessarily a new notion, as people have been clamoring for classes such as the Death Knight and the Monk. Personally, I think the Death Knight would be an amazing choice as the first new class to be added to the game.

Naturally, a new class would mean new mechanics, or at least a new class mechanic. Out of the nine classes only two deal with mana. The Shaman has overload and the Druid has cards like Nourish, Innervate, and Wild Growth. There’s the random card like Felguard or Arcane Golem that deals with mana, but otherwise it’s just the two classes.

So I thought that it would be fun for the Death Knight to deal with mana. So I created a mechanic called “mana break”. Which is similar to overload in that it’s simply a number. But that number is how many mana crystals both players lose when the card is played. So the Death Knight is about constantly switching up the amount of mana both players have in play. Almost all the cards in the Death Knight set have some sort of mana break cost. Though, there are a few cards which don’t, and bunch that allow both players to gain more crystals. So mana is constantly in flux.

I created a set of 38 cards, the hero, his power, and one token. They’re all below. Clicking on most of the cards will lead to the deviantart page where I got the art. The cards were created using Let me know what you guys think! This was fun to make. The cards aren’t perfect. The numbers are always hard to balance and I’m sure I screwed up a little formatting. Even so, I’ll probably put together a set for the Monk and Demon Hunter classes.Hero PowerKrog (Hero)

1 of 38 2 of 38 3 of 38 4 of 38 5 of 38 6 of 38 7 of 38 8 of 38 9 of 38 10 of 38 11 of 38 12 of 38 13 of 38 14 of 38 15 of 38 16 of 38 17 of 38 18 of 38 19 of 38 20 of 38 21 of 38 22 of 38 23 of 38 24 of 38 25 of 38 26 of 38 27 of 38 28 of 38 29 of 38 30 of 38 31 of 38 32 of 38 33 of 38 34 of 38 35 of 38 36 of 38 37 of 38 38 of 38  Token 1


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