The Problem With Magni Bronzebeard

Did you hear? Hearthstone is getting new heroes! It’s about time right? People have been clamoring for something to shake up the game for some time now. Sure there are new cards and adventures, but a new hero? That would be something special.

But what if I told you that the new hero was just a picture, with a few lines of dialogue, and a new “animation”? Oh and it just replaces an existing hero. It’s also $10 and can’t be bought with in game gold.

Welcome to the Inn, Magni Bronzebeard, you’re not even close the price of entry.

7SYF13NG5MH01432939822543This saddens me a bit. Hearthstone has been something of a beacon in the free to play arena. Everything in the game can be obtained with in game currency. And you can earn a great deal of that by completing quests, winning three games in a row, and winning a bunch of games in the Arena mode.

There are two problems here. The first is the fact that the item is overpriced for what it includes. Included for the ten dollars is:

  • New hero power animation.
  • New card back.
  • New hero picture.
  • New dialogue for that hero.

That’s it. To compare, the latest expansion, Blackrock Mountain, included:

  • Five sets of levels, most of which included three or more fights.
  • There were class challenges.
  • New cards for each class – as well as some neutrals.
  • A new card back – if you completed heroic mode.

All for the price of $25 or 700 in game gold per wing (3000 gold total). So at the very least, even if you couldn’t afford to pay out $25 on the outset, you could work you way towards it gradually.

QV2H9FH9H6EK1432939822519That brings me to my second problem, which is that this is the first item in Hearthstone you can’t buy with in game gold. This is a dangerous road to go down. I don’t think that Blizzard would ever put cards behind a pay wall, but this seems like a super greedy move for a company that has been amazing with their free to play philosophy.

I will say though, that this is a cosmetic feature only. This doesn’t effect game balance in any way, shape, or form, and so you don’t need to buy it in order to remain competitive in the game.

There’s also slight confusion about the pricing. The way the announcement makes it seem is that each new hero will be available for $10. But other people are saying that it’s $10 for all the heroes and you’ll just receive them as they roll out. If that’s the case, then it’s almost a dollar per hero and that makes the blow somewhat softer.

But could you imagine paying $90 in order to get all of the new heroes? That’s insane. There’s no reason that should be the case, unless Blizzard is just looking to make a quick buck off the people who will buy everything Hearthstone related.


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