The Road to Blizzcon: Part 2

So here we are again. Blizzcon is still roughly five months away. But a few weeks ago we made another crucial step forward. Plane tickets have been bought! I’ll be staying in LA for a whole week with my wonderful friends Micah & Lizzy. It’ll be amazing and probably the highlight of the year.

So all that’s left to do is gather money for the amount of food I’ll consume and the amount of merch I’ll buy. Which both are probably more than they should be.

I’ll also be trying to put together a costume for the convention. Both Lizzy and I are planning on cosplaying the convention. Of course I can’t tell you what as, because that would ruin the surprise! Also it’ll prevent me from being super embarrassed when it doesn’t come together. But fingers crossed that’s not the case.

Until part 3!


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