The Future of Rocksteady: NO MORE BATMAN!

Last Tuesday saw the release of Rocksteady’s latest product: Batman Arkham Knight. It’s currently being billed as the last entry in their trilogy. This has many people wondering what could be next for the studio. There are several different paths the studio can take, some of them more popular with people than others. It’ll be several years before we see what the studio is up to next, but that doesn’t stop some speculation from occurring right?



Naturally people hope that Rocksteady moves on to DC’s other popular property. The superhero they say is impossible to make a game out of needs his own game. But how? He’s too powerful, people say. It’s impossible to make an interesting game about someone like Superman.

False. There are several ways to make it interesting. People just have to try. The first way to accomplish this is by not making Lex Luthor the villain. There are several villains in the Superman mythos that are just as powerful – if not more – than he is. Many popular ones include Brainiac, General Zod, and Darkseid. So there are plenty of options for having great villains for Superman to go up against.

And if they wanted to make things really fun, they could try to have some environmental destructibility so during the battles you can have some Man of Steel level disasters going on.

The Justice League/Suicide Squad


Another interesting option would be for Rocksteady to explore several different characters at once. Doing something like the Justice League or the Suicide Squad would let them present a very large scale story and a good amount of gameplay variety. You would constantly be switching between major members of the Justice League (Batman included) to tackle various threats.

Or you could go darker and tackle the Suicide Squad. They’ve already gone for the mature rating on Arkham Knight so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to go further down the rabbit hole.

Something Else Entirely


The best case scenario – I think – is that Rocksteady does something different. Something away from superheroes entirely. They clearly know how to make a decent open world game, so perhaps they could move on to a new IP. Frankly it could be anything as long as it isn’t…



The worst case scenario is that Rocksteady just keeps making Batman games. There’s already something of a fatigue going on with the games so a break is definitely in order. Plus Rocksteady heralded this game as the end of their trilogy and the ending of the game certainly made it seem that way. Let’s just hope they didn’t mean the ending to the Arkham trilogy.

The future for Rocksteady is uncertain. We’ll no doubt get some DLC for Arkham Knight before we even begin to hear rumors of what their next project is. Even so, I’ll be awaiting it with bated breath.


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