It was dark. All I could see were blurred blue lights that seemed to flicker in the distance. I reached for them, but they only seemed to move further away. My vision would clear and I would begin running. Constantly I chased them, round and round we went the lights leading and me, ever the follower. Even when I turned around, the lights would change direction and fly off. After a moment I stood still, tired of trying. The lights stopped as well, whirling around in a playful motion. I decided to wait, to see what it would do.

It whirled around once more, almost asking me to come after it. I sat down and crossed my arms and legs, waiting silently. The lights bobbed up and down, as if to mimic me in its own statuesque way. I continued my silenced and motionless ways, refusing to give in.

The light moved once again, this time closer to me. It moved about a foot closer before zooming back out to where it was before. It did this several times, progressively getting closer each time. Finally it stood in front of me, circling me in a taunt. I didn’t reach for it; I didn’t want to give it the satisfaction. Instead I simply laid my hand out flat and waited once more. After a moment or two it landed there, slowly bouncing up and down in the palm of my hand. Quickly, I enclosed my fingers around it.

Things soon began to shake. I stood, still holding the light in the fist of my right hand. I was surrounded by complete darkness without the lights but I knew this was part of what had to happen. If I let go now it would all be for nothing.

Finally it was over and I could see the light once more. This one wasn’t blue though. It was white and glowing rather brightly. I felt myself being turned upwards and strange sounds of an unknown device. Within seconds I was on my back again.

I blinked and opened my eyes. I could see that I was encased in glass. I could move my hands or feet yet, or even turn my head. The feeling was incredibly claustrophobic and I writhed and squirmed, trying to make my muscles do something.

The glass opened and I felt a rush of air on my face. It felt strange, but nice. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt anything like that. I tried moving my head but soon found it was attached to the some helmet that connected to the rest of my prison.

“Congratulations,” a voice from the ceiling said. “You have completed your first test.” The tubes on my head disconnected. Slowly, I lifted my arm. It was trembling and it took more effort that I expected to get it up.

“You’re going to find it very hard to get up at first. But it’s alright, take your time. It’s not like I have don’t have other things to go do,” Said the sardonic voice in the walls.

After getting my other hand on the side of the capsule I heaved myself upwards and over the side. I crashed into the floor, which felt smooth and cold. I still couldn’t move my legs so I carefully pushed my way to the bed on the other side of the room. It took what felt like forever to get there, and getting up even longer. I had to literally pull my legs over one by one.

The bed was soft and comfortable compared to what I’d been in for the past… I don’t even know how long I’ve been out. The last thing I remembered was coming to work with my dad. How long have I been asleep? I wondered. I looked down at my legs and finally realized I was covered in orange pajamas. I began to take in my surroundings, fearing slowly creeping inside as I did.

I was in a glass room. Outside the glass were white walls. I had no idea where I was or how to get out. There didn’t seem to be any doors in the room. I tried to speak by my throat was as try as sandpaper.

The voice in the walls seemed to sigh and clear its throat. “Might I suggest drinking the water on the desk next to you? It might help if you used your eyes next time.”

Like the voice said, there was a glass on the table near the bed. I quickly drank it. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was… or hungry. After I finished the water my stomach echoed inside of me.

“You’re hungry. I can tell.” The voice said. “Come with me.”

A glass wall moved down, disappearing. Carefully I pressed my foot on the ground, then the other. I was able to stand but walking was another matter altogether. My legs could barely move. They were much longer than what I remembered too. But slowly I managed to hobble my way out of the room and down the hall.

I followed the hall until I met a sign that was blacked out. When I touched it, it came to life, displaying a picture I didn’t know and the number one above it.

“You are now ready for your first test.” The voice announced.


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