2015 Game of the Year Awards Day “2”

Here are the first five games on my top 10 list! D:


10. Super Mario Maker – It’s not often that Nintendo actually hits the mark on something people are excited for. There’s a very large change that Nintendo would screw this one up. After all, it involves the internet. But instead Super Mario Maker has become something of a singularity in terms of Nintendo content. It’s so inspired and simple, yet filled with complexities should you choose to look for them. As examples of prime content, look no further than the “feud” between Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek and Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert.


9. Ori and the Blind Forest – There’s a lot about this game that screams pretentious hipster. The hand painted visuals, the somewhat solemn tone, the paint by numbers pretty music, all contrasted by extremely hard gameplay. That said, it’s that gameplay that made Ori worth coming back to. Though it made me more frustrated than any other game on this list, there was nothing quite as satisfying than pulling off three minute’s worth of movement combos while freaking out that certain death is right behind you. Gaining new abilities and being able to go back to areas that have been made easier is such an amazing feeling.


8. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth/Afterbirth – I’m a huge fan of rogue-likes. Games like FTL, Rogue Legacy, Risk of Rain, and others are something special. Binding of Isaac’s remake – and then expansion – was this year’s highlight in rogue-like gaming for me. The addition of new modes, new characters, items, bosses, and more continue to make playing this game a fresh experience. Even though I’m legitimately terrible at it, there’s something to be said for that moment when you take a character that starts out with one health and run him through the entire set of levels – and through some of the secret ones too. I can only hope that they keep adding on more and more content to this game, giving me even more reasons to return to it.


7. Until Dawn – I love horror games. So it shouldn’t surprise you to see at least two of them on this list. I was unsure about Until Dawn in a lot of ways before I finally played it. It isn’t actually very scary, but the fact that it harkens back to the era of PS1 and PS2 horror games. It has fixed camera angles! That alone is enough to land it on my list. But the idea that any character can die at a given time amps up the stress about each individual choice. The game’s central concepts rests on the idea of the butterfly effect and it actually worked out in unexpected ways. I’m really excited to see what Supermassive Games does with a sequel. Also Peter Stormare.


6. SOMA – Well, I said I liked horror games right? SOMA is right up my alley with sci-fi horror. I’m also completely terrified of the deep sea. Like, unreasonably so, so I had to play this game with a guide on my iPad because I’m a pansy. Even so, the guide LIED TO ME AND SAID THERE WERE NO ENEMIES IN THE OCEAN SECTIONS WHEN THERE TOTALLY WERE! Anyways, the more important thing about SOMA was its story and it totally came through on everything it promised. There are a few moments that don’t fit into the rest of the grand design, but by the end of it you’ll be left feeling a little gross inside. And that’s totally the idea.

The last half will be put up tomorrow!


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