Redefining Creative Spaces

As writers know, there’s always that place, or spot, that helps the creative energies flow. For some it’s a coffee shop, their clean desk, or their office space. It’s somewhere you can get away from distractions and focus on your writing. Some people need music, some people need white noise, others need complete quiet.

For me, the past six years of writing has been done in college. I hated college. It was boring and very little of it had anything to do with what I wanted out of life. So I escaped to writing. I have notebooks that have been filled over the years with ideas and outlines. Everything that’s given birth to one story or another was written down during a class of some kind.

Now that I’ve graduated, things have gotten odd. I now have to force myself to find time and space to write again. Which, you’d think would be easy. But it’s quite the opposite. At classes, at the very least, I had to be there. There really wasn’t a choice in the matter (I guess there is, technically, but I wanted to graduate after all).

My room is probably the closest thing to another decent creative space. But there are tons of distractions, primarily the internet itself. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It takes a lot more willpower than you’d think to hunker down and put “pen to paper” when you just do anything else you want.

There isn’t exactly a point to all this, just some musings on space and how it affects creativity. But a goal of mine in 2017 is to write another novel. It’s been years since I have and it’s about time I hop to it. So one way or another I’ll have to find a way to focus.


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