Red Candy

Rain.   It’s cold. Windy.   Drops on her hand.   Waiting. Quietly. Stalking.   Loud noises. A party nearby. Across the street.   She watches. Waits. Brown hair. Wavy. Green eyes. Pale skin. Soft lips. Blue dress.   Music dying. Party over. Guests leaving. Target acquired.   Famous author. Favorite author. Terrible friend.   … More Red Candy

Happy Birthday

“…happy birthday to you.” The flame on the scuffed-up lighter danced in front of Molly. Behind it was a paper towel that housed a tiny sweet roll. Behind that was the concrete wall that used to be white. Now it was stained yellow and had the claw marks of those who had made attempts at … More Happy Birthday

White Sunburn

Liza twisted the tube until the last bit of paste fell on to her finger. She quickly applied it to her nose and across her brow. A WEB Medical Drone circled her, running scans and tests seamlessly. The little bot was circular and perfectly smooth except for a little LED light that shown from the … More White Sunburn

The World Eater

Sydni could not sleep. She sat upright on her bed, covers drawn over her knees. She didn’t lack comfort. Her pajama bottoms were soft. The blue tank top she wore fit well enough. Even her blankets and pillows seemed welcoming. Yet whenever she tried to let them take her, she was denied. Sydni was left … More The World Eater

Death Meets Dave

The blade felt almost soft. It had been sharpened recently – maybe that was why. The flesh on Dave’s arm parted neatly. The empty space quickly filled with a warm red liquid. He found it beautiful. His skin was pale like a vampire’s; it matched the porcelain of the tub he sat in. The water … More Death Meets Dave